Freeing India's Textile Industry

The country’s government holds the key to helping its apparel manufacturers compete in the global market
Asutosh Padhi
October 5, 2004

Al Azhar to Offer Courses in Thailand

University hopes to provide reliable Islamic education to young Thai Muslims
Don Pathan
September 23, 2004

Tom Yam Swamp

The Indo-Thai Free Trade Agreement is great news, but who will it benefit?
Arindam Mukherjee
October 12, 2004

Spread of 'Preemptive-ism' and Indonesia Sovereignty

Unjustified military action should be tried in the International Court of Justice
Mohamad Mova Al Afghani
October 7, 2004

Looms of Doom

A foreign fabric has silenced the looms of the local Indian weavers, reduced them to poverty, and killed an art
Sutapa Mukerjee
September 22, 2004