SARS: Wake-Up Call for a Strong Global Health Policy

Epidemics affect the global community and demand global cooperation
Ilona Kickbusch
April 25, 2003

Health Officials Seek Help from U.S. to Control Virus

Implementing more stringent infection control measures for SARS.
Lawrence Altman
April 23, 2003

SARS Scare in Toronto

Sars in Toronto is under control – no need to shut down the city.
April 25, 2003

The SARS Virus is Going High-Tech

A new computer virus is taking advantage of SARS to propagate itself by e-mail.
April 23, 2003

Virus Proves Baffling, Turning Up in Only 40% of a Lab's Test Cases

Canada's main virology laboratory has found the SARS virus identified by WHO in only some of its probable and suspect cases.
Lawrence K. Altman
April 24, 2003

Halt of SARS in Vietnam Could Hold Lessons for Other Nations

Hanoi's success heralded by WHO.
Seth Mydans
May 7, 2003

SARS Is the Spark for a Riot in China

Whither the state's control in this challenging epidemic?
Erik Eckholm
April 29, 2003