A Beijing Doctor Questions Data on Illness

Beijing is lying about number of cases, retired military doctor says.
Elisabeth Rosenthal
April 10, 2003

Sars: A New Threat to Asian Prosperity

Asia's disrupted global connections
Michael Richardson
April 21, 2003

Beijing Hoodwinks WHO Inspectors

" TIME Exclusive: Hospitals in the Chinese capital hid SARS patients from international health officials."
Susan Jakes
April 21, 2003

Sars Sackings

"Scapegoats won't help solve problem."
Ching Cheong
April 22, 2003

Fight Against SARS: Government to Seek Exit Checks

Southeast Asian nations to meet to discuss proposals for regional cooperation against SARS.
April 24, 2003

In Chinese Village, Few Clues to Illness

World Health Organization researchers in China failed to make a quick find of the origins of SARS.
John Pomfret
April 9, 2003

Economies Sickened by a Virus, and Fear

Thanks to Sars, slow business in Hong Kong restaurants means an Australian could lose his house.
Keith Bradsher
April 21, 2003