Climate Change and the Risks of Denying Inconvenient Truths

US leaders are in denial about how a warming planet will disrupt many industries
Martin Wolf
November 2, 2016

World's Mind Made Up on US Presidential Race

Pew Research Center survey in 15 nations: Obama is tough act to follow, Clinton is more trusted than Trump
Bruce Stokes
August 16, 2016

Why the Rest of the World Should Get a Vote in the Greatest Reality TV Show on Earth – The US Election

Some candidates seem to forget the whole world is following the debates
Laurie Penny
February 22, 2016

Barack Obama’s Climate Plan Makes for Canny Politics

The US president challenges the opposition; climate change should not be left for future generations to solve
Nick Butler
August 5, 2015

The Limits of Growth – Part I

Economic crisis, an area where humans wield great control, should not take priority over the climate-change crisis
Bo Ekman
November 21, 2008

The World Looks to Obama – Part I

But the new president will be preoccupied with challenges at home
Bruce Stokes
November 5, 2008