US on Spying Scandal: “Allies Aren't Always Friends”

Questions emerge on NSA freedom in selecting targets and accountability
Marc Pitzke
October 29, 2013

Anger Growing Among Allies Over US Surveillance

Merkel suggests that basic rights have been violated
Alison Smale
October 24, 2013

China Employs 2 Million Microblog Monitors, State Media Say

Monitors analyze online gripes and delete posts
Dong Le
October 16, 2013

Sweden's NSA Spy Links “Deeply Troubling”

Hearings suggest NSA had plenty of helpers in Europe, but politicians were kept in the dark
David Landes
October 3, 2013

Latin America: Anti-US in Words, Not Deeds

Despite spying allegations, the United States is locked into partnership with its southern neighbors
Luisa Parraguez, Francisco Garcia Gonzalez, Joskua Tadeo
October 1, 2013

Russia Issues International Travel Advisory to Its Hackers

The US has online surveillance tools to catch hackers
Kevin Poulsen
September 10, 2013

UK’s Secret Mideast Internet Surveillance Base Revealed

Snowden denies releasing this document
Duncan Campbell , Oliver Wright, James Cusick, Kim Sengupta
September 2, 2013