Rerouted Morales Plane Has South American Leaders Irate

Europe reroutes Bolivian president’s plane in hunt for Snowden
July 5, 2013

Key US-EU Trade Pact Under Threat After More NSA Spying Allegations

TTP negotiations may be derailed
Ian Traynor, Louise Osborne, Jamie Doward
July 1, 2013

Prism Informant: Moscow Welcomes Snowden With Open Arms

Snowden finds friends in Russia; Putin calculates what’s in it for him
Benjamin Bidder
June 25, 2013

Holder Promises Snowden Will Face Justice

Investigators question leaker’s Chinese ties
Jamie Smyth, Geoff Dyer, Paul J Davies
June 25, 2013

Extending a Hand, Obama Finds Cold Shoulder Abroad

Even allies are disappointed
Mark Landler, Peter Baker
June 19, 2013

NSA Surveillance: The US Is Behaving Like China

Chinese dissident draws parallels on US and Chinese surveillance
Ai Weiwei
June 14, 2013

US Snooping Revelations Cause Trouble for Allies

Obama admits foreigners are targets; allies are pelted with questions
Andrew Osborn
June 11, 2013