As governments confront many challenges that are global in scale, leaders find they must cooperate in responding to financial, climate, terrorism and other crises. As a result, a global audience has developed keen interest in how and why nations select their leaders. On one hand, citizens expect sensible and collective action, transparency and fair representation; on the other hand, citizens and leaders fret about compromising security, sovereignty or loss of control. Diplomats and global organizations like the United Nations aim to achieve a balance, even as global communications allow citizens in democracies or authoritarian states to steer attention to issues. Attention to citizen demands and multilateral cooperation contribute to stability.

China's Taiwan Dilemma

Beijing's obsession with Taiwan could damage its economic and diplomatic prospects, and even threaten Communist rule
Michael Yahuda
February 18, 2004

Jobs Can Be Outsourced, Not Politics

By linking job loss to trade, politicians have always courted economic ruin
Harold James
March 24, 2004

Moments Before the Union, "Old" Europe Gets Cold Feet

Fear of an avalanche of migration is making the western states nervous about enlarging Europe
Shada Islam
March 3, 2004

Taiwan's Challenge to China and the World - Part I

Taiwan's democratic exercise provokes muscle flexing in Beijing and keeps Western defense industries in business
Jean-Pierre Cabestan
March 12, 2004

Why Not a World Poll Before the US Election?

US electorate and policymakers would benefit from an Internet-based global poll on presidential candidates
Yoichi Funabashi
March 17, 2004

Obama and the World: Time to Deliver

From Middle East to Asia, intractable problems await the new president’s bold initiatives
Bruce Stokes
January 28, 2009

Japan and China Step Up Drone Race, Tension Builds Over Disputed Islands

Neither side shows signs of backing down
Jonathan Kaiman, Justin McCurry
January 11, 2013

State Secrets Revealed in Vietnam

Unaware he’s being recorded, colonel outlines policy of restraint
David Brown
January 10, 2013

Southern Weekly Reporters Confront China Censors

Chinese journalists call for censor chief’s resignation
January 8, 2013

Laos Could Bear Cost of Chinese Railroad

Loan could transform Laos into vassal state?
Jane Perlez, Bree Feng
January 8, 2013

How Chinese Economic Policy Could Save Club Med Countries

Special economic zones could ignore labor laws and offer low wages
Mohnish Pabrai
January 7, 2013