Innovation is the source of economic prosperity and global progress, simplifying routines and enriching quality of life. The internet has fundamentally altered how the world works, communicates and thinks. The global information revolution has ushered in a new era of global conversations, cooperation and crowd-sourcing among researchers, speeding the spread of new ideas and technologies in every discipline. Researchers race to develop energy alternatives, synthetic biology, transportation improvements, environmental protections or cures for disease. Governments must keep up pace with funding of education and infrastructure as well as regulations on patents, immigration, intellectual property protections and more.

Global Anti-GM Sentiment Slows China's Biotech Agenda

Despite marked success, China is hesitant about moving forward in commercializing GM crop
Valerie Karplus
September 26, 2003

China Bids for the High Ground

China jockeys for position on Earth through its upcoming manned space flight
Joan Johnson-Freese
October 1, 2003

Beijing is Losing the People's War in Cyberspace

Sheer volume of people taking to the Web to discuss taboo subjects is overwhelming the government
John Gittings
July 21, 2003

IT Workers on the Move With Globalization

Emigration of technology workers from developing countries no longer seen as brain drain
Anthony P. D’Costa
April 9, 2008

Getting Our Bearings

US will likely remain the main provider of technology that drives ATMs and guided missiles
Joan Johnson-Freese
May 23, 2003

The New Global Food Fight

US advocacy of genetically modified food pits it against many countries.
Kathleen McAfee
June 6, 2003

CNN: All 12 Boys, Coach Freed in Thai Cave Rescue

Euan McKirdy, Kocha Olarn and Steve George
July 10, 2018

Financial Times: AI Arms Race

Louise Lucas and Richard Waters
May 1, 2018