Innovation is the source of economic prosperity and global progress, simplifying routines and enriching quality of life. The internet has fundamentally altered how the world works, communicates and thinks. The global information revolution has ushered in a new era of global conversations, cooperation and crowd-sourcing among researchers, speeding the spread of new ideas and technologies in every discipline. Researchers race to develop energy alternatives, synthetic biology, transportation improvements, environmental protections or cures for disease. Governments must keep up pace with funding of education and infrastructure as well as regulations on patents, immigration, intellectual property protections and more.

In Threat to Internet’s Clout, Some Are Starting Alternatives

Challenges to US control of the Internet
Christopher Rhoads
January 31, 2006

China and the Iranian Nuclear Crisis

China faces difficult choice if sanctions are sought against Iran
Jing dong-Yuan
February 6, 2006

Prerequisites of Renaissance

The true intellectual spirit of Islam awaits rebirth
Khwaja Masud
January 4, 2006

Ogre to Slay? Outsource it to Chinese

Virtual gold means real-life dollars
David Barboza
December 9, 2005

A Party Girl Leads China’s Online Revolution

China’s popular bloggers challenge online censors
Howard W. French
November 25, 2005