The links between security and globalization were highlighted by the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, and the subsequent long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Lingering poverty, inequality, religious extremism and war can sow discontent and resentment as unprecedented global mobility lends access to education and travel in other countries. Despite use of drones, cyber-warfare and other advanced weapons technology to mount counterterrorist attacks, the marginalized can strike out at vulnerable urban or economic centers. Annual global defense spending exceeds $1.6 trillion. Containing the trade in weapons, whether nuclear bombs or assault rifles, and preventing them from falling into the wrong hands remain a challenge.

Anti-Piracy Patrols Presage Rising Naval Powers

An enduring legacy of Somali piracy could be new navies on the high seas
Brian Wilson
January 13, 2009

The Dilemma of Dealing With Terror Central

Could the war on terror intersect with an India-Pakistan war?
Ramesh Thakur
January 19, 2009

NATO’s Double Standards Make for a Hollow Alliance

The military alliance is only as strong and effective as its weakest links
Alexander Melikishvili
January 26, 2009

Gaza Explosions Reverberate in Europe

Devastation in Gaza reignites passion in Europe about Israel, Palestine and Muslim integration in the continent
Shada Islam
January 23, 2009

Why Iran Seeks Nuclear Weapons

Mere talk of nuclear weapons serves as a shield for Tehran
Arch Roberts Jr.
January 8, 2009

The Fallout of Pakistani Revelations on North Korea

Details about sales to North Korea could prove valuable in containing Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions
Phillip C. Saunders
February 23, 2004

Putin’s Plan: Moscow Handles Syria, US Looks After Iraq

The United States and Russia may not see eye to eye on how to combat the Islamic State
Raghida Dergham
September 21, 2015

China Wins the Gray Zone by Default

But the world loses from reduced cooperation on the most pressing global challenges
Denny Roy
September 18, 2015

Defiant Chinese Admiral’s Message: South China Sea “Belongs to China”

Admiral also points out that the US and China are working on a code of conduct to avoid conflicts
Marcus Weisgerber
September 16, 2015

The King and ISIS

Saudi Arabia performs juggling act, promoting Wahhabism while combatting terrorism
Daniel Benjamin
September 15, 2015

Why Aren’t the Gulf States Taking More Syrian Refugees?

Nations with unsustainable governance may not withstand the influx of so many outsiders
Marc Owen Jones
September 11, 2015