The links between security and globalization were highlighted by the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, and the subsequent long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Lingering poverty, inequality, religious extremism and war can sow discontent and resentment as unprecedented global mobility lends access to education and travel in other countries. Despite use of drones, cyber-warfare and other advanced weapons technology to mount counterterrorist attacks, the marginalized can strike out at vulnerable urban or economic centers. Annual global defense spending exceeds $1.6 trillion. Containing the trade in weapons, whether nuclear bombs or assault rifles, and preventing them from falling into the wrong hands remain a challenge.

Nuclear Blackmail – Pakistan and North Korea Are Adept Practitioners of This Art

Pakistan may back away from such threats?
Nayan Chanda
January 18, 2016

Al-Shabab Seizes African Union Base in Somalia

African Union strives to stabilize Somalia with 22,000 troops
January 15, 2016

Madaya Syria: Aid Convoy Sets Off for Besieged Town

Denying food shipments has become a weapon
January 11, 2016

North Korea Leader Touts “Thrilling Sound” of Hydrogen Bomb in Test Order

North Korea’s regime defies a directive from China not to test nuclear bombs
January 6, 2016

Middle East Tensions Boil as Saudi Arabia Cuts Ties With Iran

The sectarian rivalry between two regional powers revs up extremism
Sam Wilkin
January 4, 2016