The links between security and globalization were highlighted by the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, DC, and the subsequent long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Lingering poverty, inequality, religious extremism and war can sow discontent and resentment as unprecedented global mobility lends access to education and travel in other countries. Despite use of drones, cyber-warfare and other advanced weapons technology to mount counterterrorist attacks, the marginalized can strike out at vulnerable urban or economic centers. Annual global defense spending exceeds $1.6 trillion. Containing the trade in weapons, whether nuclear bombs or assault rifles, and preventing them from falling into the wrong hands remain a challenge.

North Korea’s Missiles Backfire

With Beijing and Moscow on the UN sanctions bandwagon, it’s time for a hard decision by Kim Jong Il
Shim Jae Hoon
July 18, 2006

Boosting Extremists With Bombs

Hezbollah's popularity rises, dimming the prospects for democracy
Dilip Hiro
July 25, 2006

Deadly Conversations

More than a propaganda tool, the internet offers terrorists a forum for debating strategy
Gabriel Weimann
July 13, 2006

Hacia Aguas Ignotas

Pratap Bhanu Mehta
March 7, 2006

North Korean Nuclear Conundrum

North Korea offers a textbook case on how to become a nuclear-weapon state
Chung Min Lee
June 29, 2006

How Good Is American Intelligence on Iran’s Bomb?

After overrating Iraqi WMD, American intelligence may now be underestimating Iran's nuclear program
Graham Allison
June 13, 2006

Study: Borders in Europe Would Cost Up to $3.3 Billion a Year

Europe could expect losses in trade and travel
Valentina Pop
October 19, 2016

Yemen Isn’t Just a Proxy War Between Saudi Arabia and Iran

The United Nations has announced a 72-hour ceasefire
Laura Kasinof
October 18, 2016

Battle for Aleppo: How Syria Became the New Global War

Syria is out of control, yet no major player supports partition
Riham Alkousaa, Benjamin Bidder, Christian Neef, Maximilian Popp, Gordon Repinski, Christoph Reuter, Mathieu von Rohr, Samiha Shafy and Holger Stark
October 12, 2016

Saudi Arabia and Terrorism Today

Saudis move slowly to contain internal extremism
Daniel L. Byman
October 7, 2016

Chinese Billionaire Makes Aggressive Moves in Hollywood

Some legislators question if investors in film industry pursue profit, soft power or propaganda
Ryan Faughnder and David Pierson
October 5, 2016