Globalization wields powerful influence over societies and cultures. Business travelers and tourists both observe and distribute new ideas. New ideas, interactions, foods and products are tried, then embraced or discarded. With the internet or satellite television, films, publications, photographs, news reports and cartoons can travel instantly, entertaining or angering audiences around the globe. With social media like Facebook or Twitter, individuals offer news and own instant pronouncements on trends. Whether slowly through immigration or immediately online, these connections bring about some convergence of norms on fashion to human rights while also provoking challenges from traditionalists. A global society has emerged, and it’s tightly linked.

Unnoticed, Democracy Gains in Southeast Asia's Islamic Countries

Despite extremist threat, pluralism flourishes in Islamic Indonesia and Malaysia
Goenawan Mohamad
April 16, 2004

The Hollowing-Out of Hollywood

'Runaway productions' boost profits but also take jobs abroad
Christina Klein
April 30, 2004

China's ‘Big Mamas' in a Quandary

Caught between the urge to repress and to make use of the Internet, Beijing sees its power eroded
Paul Mooney
April 12, 2004

China’s Quiet Activists

Work by a network of NGOs to help people without challenging authorities gains new recognition
Shawn Shieh
February 25, 2009

Slumdog Paradox

Every city, every nation, has its riches and flaws – and globalization exposes them all
Sadanand Dhume
February 4, 2009

Headscarf Ban Misses the Point

France's proposed law illustrates cultural divide between the state and its Islamic population
Shada Islam
January 30, 2004

Singapore's “Chinese Dilemma” as China Rises

Neighboring states gauge reactions of ethnic Chinese living within their borders
Wang Gungwu
June 12, 2015

China Is Building the Most Extensive Global Commercial Military Empire in History

China invests in constructing dams, highways, railroads and more infrastructure around globe
Steve LeVine
June 9, 2015

American Universities "Addicted to Chinese Students”

Hard up for cash, US universities could struggle to compete with Chinese counterparts
Matt Schiavenza
June 1, 2015

FIFA Caught Offside as US Tackles Global Graft With Penalties in Mind

The surprise may be that other nations did not act sooner
Tom Kutsch
May 28, 2015

The War on Big Food

Research suggests 68 percent of global consumers expect to recognize label ingredients
Beth Kowitt
May 27, 2015