A readily measurable aspect of globalization is the increasing exchange of capital, products and services across national boundaries, spurred by expanded use of container shipping and other technological improvements as well as falling barrier. The interdependence is most apparent with global supply chains, as manufactured goods like vehicles and electronics are assembled with components produced around the world, and it’s increasingly rare for any country to be the sole source of any one complex product. Countries aim to increase exports but worry about too many imports and trade imbalances, even as their consumers pursue low prices. Disagreements on subsidies, tariffs, quotas or unfair practices are debated by the World Trade Organization.

China Hits Out at New US Textile Quota

Re-imposition of garment import restrictions stirs tempers in Beijing
Richard McGregor
May 16, 2005

Stalking Genetically Modified Corn

Concerns surrounding genetically modified corn feed have added more tension to EU-US trade relations
Wolfgang Reuter
April 22, 2005

American Nationals Given Jail Terms for Selling Pirated DVDs

Case represents the first joint investigation by US Customs and Chinese police
April 20, 2005

Third World Gets Help to Help Itself

Though increasing in popularity, Fairtrade products must still compete with discount goods in international markets
Doreen Carvajal
May 6, 2005

Business: A Jack Welch of Communists

Haier's CEO aims to create a global brand, even if he has to break a few things to do it
Sarah Schafer
May 3, 2005