A readily measurable aspect of globalization is the increasing exchange of capital, products and services across national boundaries, spurred by expanded use of container shipping and other technological improvements as well as falling barrier. The interdependence is most apparent with global supply chains, as manufactured goods like vehicles and electronics are assembled with components produced around the world, and it’s increasingly rare for any country to be the sole source of any one complex product. Countries aim to increase exports but worry about too many imports and trade imbalances, even as their consumers pursue low prices. Disagreements on subsidies, tariffs, quotas or unfair practices are debated by the World Trade Organization.

Next for the West Are Cars "Made in China"

The global automotive industry may shift eastward, as Chinese manufacturers looks to begin exporting to the US
Geoff Dyer
June 1, 2005

Quality Drugs, by the Kilo

Despite Western rhetoric about eliminating the illicit trade, anyone can do a deal in the opium bazaars of Afghanistan
Paul McGeough
January 13, 2005


The out-of-control global counterfeit business targets everything from computer chips to pharmaceuticals – now, even China may need to crack down
Frederik Balfour
February 2, 2005

Where Trade Trumps Politics

In lifting a 15-year-old arms embargo on China, the European Union may exacerbate already tense US relations
Quentin Peel
February 3, 2005

Schröder Boosts Arms Sales to China

Schröder sees lucrative business in China
Peter Sturm
December 17, 2004