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Obama in India: Time to Get Serious on Common Goals

Vikram Mansharamani YaleGlobal, 22 January 2015
The world’s two biggest democracies do not reach full potential on trade or other common interests
NEW HAVEN : India will celebrate the 64th anniversary of its foundation as a republic with a special guest in the reviewing stand. Barack Obama, president of the world’s oldest democracy, will lend his presence at the celebration of the world’s largest democracy. More >

Encyclopedias: The Truths du Jour

Immanuel Wallerstein YaleGlobal, 20 January 2015
Encyclopedias tend to shrink the past, revealing a society’s limited understanding of the world

Charlie Hebdo Attacks Stir Resolve and Contemplation

Stathis N. Kalyvas YaleGlobal, 15 January 2015
Greatest threat of Paris terror attacks: Panic and limits on democratic rights and freedoms

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Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
The Telegraph, 23 January 2015
ECB plan may delay day of reckoning on reckless spending
Nayan Chanda
The Times of India, 23 January 2015
Obama and Modi overlook rocky past, prepare for economic liberalization and security cooperation
Mark Thompson
Time, 22 January 2015
Sunni-Shia divide makes Yemen a fragile partner in war on extremism
Kristine Kwok
South China Morning Post, 21 January 2015
Despite chilly meeting, Xi and Abe are pragmatists in resuming dialogue
BBC News, 20 January 2015
To stem extremism, EU focuses on security and language programs with Arab partners

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Will Hickey
, 13 January 2015
Removing consumer fuel subsidies amid collapsing oil prices could prove wrong-way bet for many nations
Environment News Service
, 12 January 2015
US will vote against development grants. loans with weak environmental or human-rights protections
Alistair Burnett
, 8 January 2015
As the global balance of power shifts, more countries try out hard power
Chris Miller
, 6 January 2015
Oil importing nations celebrate while the exporters scramble to balance budgets and keep markets
Andreas Kuersten
, 1 January 2015
As France shelves contract with Russia for two warships, allies could help find new ports for Mistrals