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Brexit and Burst: Britain Plunges Into the Unknown

Daniel Twining YaleGlobal, 23 June 2016
The UK votes to leave the EU, and fury over cross-border economic and political cooperation won’t subside
Britain’s vote to leave the European Union is emblematic of a wider shift in Europe’s geopolitics. As much as the British want to believe their islands have a destiny separate from that of the continent, they have in fact been pacesetters for Europe writ large, from the consolidation of parliamentary democracy to the industrial revolution to the market reforms of the 1980s.... The “Brexit” debate, although in many ways peculiarly British, amplifies broader trends in European politics – including questioning the fundamentals behind the unity of the continent – that are likely to intensify rather than subside. More >

Long Nuclear Shadow Could Revive Calls for Abolition

Bennett Ramberg YaleGlobal, 21 June 2016
The 70-year-old Baruch Plan to eliminate nuclear weapons could prevent another arms race

War of Words: What's in the Name “Rohingya”?

Azeem Ibrahim YaleGlobal, 16 June 2016
Myanmar’s fledgling democracy is marred by denying rights for a Muslim minority, urging foreigners to avoid historical term “Rohingya”

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Big data and artificial intelligence usher in a new era of computing
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New Statesman, 22 June 2016
Migration is a response to conflict, climate change and poverty
Ylan Q. Mui
The Washington Post, 22 June 2016
Many US firms rely on the UK as base for doing business in the rest of Europe

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