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Confronting Islamic State Group: Coalition of Rivals?

Joshi Shashank YaleGlobal, 2 September 2014
Sunni-Shia divide complicates US, UK uniting regional coalition to fight Islamic State terrorists
LONDON : In the summer of 1990, when Saddam Hussain’s army marched into Kuwait, the US marshaled an international coalition consisting of nations as eclectic as Argentina, Syria, Senegal and South Korea. But as the Islamic State jihadist group, also known as IS or ISIS, with a self-styled caliphate overruns large tracts of northern Iraq and Syria and shocks the world with a brutal campaign, building a similar coalition is proving to be exceedingly difficult. More >

The Trans-Afghan Pipeline Initiative: No Pipe Dream

Marc Grossman YaleGlobal, 28 August 2014
Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, India agree to move on 1,700-kilometer natural gas pipeline

Italy and Japan: Troubled Twins of Globalization

Joji Sakurai YaleGlobal, 26 August 2014
In separate quests for beauty and perfection, Japanese and Italians are lulled into provincial trapt

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Inna Lazareva
The Telegraph, 2 September 2014
Palestinians push the United States on timetable for ending Israeli occupation
Chris Dodd
AsiaFinance, 1 September 2014
International firms divided over China’s decision to approve candidates for 2017 election
Michaeleen Doucleff
NPR, 1 September 2014
International researchers worked around clock to sequence DNA
Gregory L. White and Colleen McCain Nelson
The Wall Street Journal, 30 August 2014
The United States notes that a military response is not an option
Marcus Wohlsen
Wired, 29 August 2014
US firms can list products in Amazon’s nine international marketplaces

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, 21 August 2014
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, 19 August 2014
Border crises flare as government policies neglect inequality, family planning and gender mainstreaming
J. Peter Pham
, 14 August 2014
The US is among many nations courting a confident Africa on aid, trade and natural resources
Bertil Lintner
, 12 August 2014
Tensions run high over Chinese assertiveness in the South China Sea, as ASEAN fails to reach consensus
Hakan Altinay
, 7 August 2014
Easy win projected for Turkey’s popular prime minister – despite protests against his autocratic style