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China Turns on Charm Offensive for Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan

Bertil Lintiner YaleGlobal, 22 September 2016
Bhutan may be in the middle of a power play between regional rivals – long-time protector India and China
THIMPHU : China has begun courting the only neighboring country with which it does not yet have diplomatic relations – Bhutan. Throughout modern history, the Himalayan kingdom has depended heavily on India, which is following events closely. Bhutan, a 38,394 square kilometer country with 750,000 inhabitants, is in the unenviable position of being squeezed between the two most populous countries on earth that are also regional rivals. China is keen to establish diplomatic relations with Bhutan, although authorities in Thimphu recognize that such a move could not be done without at least tacit approval of India. More >

Unpalatable Choices: Facing North Korea's Nuclear Reality

Bennett Ramberg YaleGlobal, 20 September 2016
North Korea’s series of nuclear detonations and missile tests requires new diplomatic strategies – perhaps even liaison offices

Rise of Right-Wing Populism: A Manifesto for the Moderate Left

Pranab Bardhan YaleGlobal, 15 September 2016
An economist offers a path forward for liberals to respond to rising right-wing anger and populism

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Rowena Lindsay
The Christian Science Monitor, 23 September 2016
The court’s shift in focus could raise awareness about environmental crimes
Michaeleen Doucleff
NPR, 23 September 2016
The problem could cost the global economy $100 trillion by 2050
Griff Witte
The Washington Post, 22 September 2016
New British energy deal with China approved by skeptical May
Ayako Mie
The Japan Times, 21 September 2016
Cuba would gain global stature by convincing North Korea that nuclear weapons are not a good idea
Emmanuel Akinwotu
New Statesman, 21 September 2016
The country has more than 2 million people internally displaced

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, 13 September 2016
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, 8 September 2016
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G20 leaders, many embattled and questioned at home, struggle to manage globalization or explain its rewards
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, 1 September 2016
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François Godement
, 30 August 2016
G20 agenda hints at China’s vision for global order with focus on long-term rather than immediate concerns