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Russia’s Syrian Intervention Gives the West a Chance to Re-Engage Turkey

Marc Grossman YaleGlobal, 11 February 2016
As Russia intervenes in Syria, the West could improve ties with defense, energy and refugee assistance for Turkey
WASHINGTON : In December 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a state visit to Turkey. Sitting beside Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, he declared Turkey a “strategic partner” and announced that the two countries were moving forward with a natural gas pipeline across the Black Sea.... What a difference a year makes. More >

With Tensions Rising, Asia Should Not Delay Settling South China Sea Disputes

Humphrey Hawksley YaleGlobal, 9 February 2016
Asian nations could unite and resolve South, East China Sea conflicts – showing they don’t need US as enforcer

A Window of Opportunity for Reforms in Vietnam

Dien Luong YaleGlobal, 4 February 2016
Vietnam’s cautious, conservative leader may be authoritarian, but cannot ignore public opinion on US or China

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George Soros
Project Syndicate, 12 February 2016
Instead, Russia sees an opportunity to weaken Europe by exacerbating the refugee crisis
Andrew Grant
Science News, 12 February 2016
Giant laser beams offer new details on gravitational waves, black holes and space
Reuters, 11 February 2016
The US Supreme Court shows little urgency on treacherous climate change
Fareed Zakaria
The Washington Post, 10 February 2016
Oil producers waited too long to diversify their economies
Sean McLain, Joanna Sugden and Deepa Seetharaman
The Wall Street Journal, 10 February 2016
Facebook suggests that an independent board could be appointed to decide Free Basics content

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, 2 February 2016
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, 21 January 2016
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, 19 January 2016
The Iran nuclear deal was supposed to ease tensions, but Saudi Arabia seems frantic to antagonize its rival