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Power Transitions in Saudi Arabia Spell Changes in the Middle East

Bruce Riedel YaleGlobal, 2 July 2015
King Salman’s first six months introduce uncertainty in an already turbulent Middle East
WASHINGTON : In less than six months since the death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdallah, the new king has made changes in the kingdom’s leadership. The changes have introduced considerable uncertainty in an absolute monarchy that has long prized continuity, experience and risk aversion. More >

Central Banks: Printing Money Delays Domestic Structural Reforms

Will Hickey YaleGlobal, 30 June 2015
Amid intense competition and quantitative easing, countries that innovate and reduce bureaucracy will be more influential

Challenge of “Recent-ism” in the Middle East

Alexander Evans YaleGlobal, 25 June 2015
Al Qaeda and ISIL have more similarities than differences; strategic counterterrorism efforts must be applied

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Zach Rosenberg
Air & Space Smithsonian, 3 July 2015
The wisp of a plane is powered by batteries, charged with solar power
ParisTech Review , 3 July 2015
Competitive MOOCs revolutionize education
Nayan Chanda
Businessworld, 2 July 2015
Infrastructure investment could help ease a slowdown in China’s economy
Shannon Tiezzi
The Diplomat , 1 July 2015
EU is the China’s biggest trade partner – Greece is a problem for both
Christian Rickens
Spiegel Online International, 1 July 2015
Leaders throughout Europe must face voters and admit that billions of taxpayer funds have vanished

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Matthew Rojansky and Mykhailo Minakov
, 23 June 2015
Ukrainian leaders, under siege from Russian and separatist forces, resist constructive criticism
Chris Miller
, 18 June 2015
Turkey’s coalition politics could swing right toward nationalism or left toward deals with Kurds and the EU
Neelam D Sabharwal
, 16 June 2015
During a trip to China, India’s Prime Minister Modi wins publicity points, but fails to narrow strategic differences
Joergen Oerstroem Moeller
, 11 June 2015
Nations must tackle root causes of disorderly migration – or expect more economic crises and armed conflict
Stephen S. Roach
, 9 June 2015
AIIB’s founding members, led by China, could develop new standards for global governance