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After Announcing “Separation From the US,” Philippines President Embraces China

Murray Hiebert YaleGlobal, 20 October 2016
Duterte’s belligerence towards the US alters strategic environment, but China may not budge on South China Sea
WASHINGTON : Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte visited China for four days beginning October 18 in a strategic bet that he can patch up contentious relations with Beijing, seek economic aid while loosening longstanding ties with the United States. The results of the trip in which he announced his “separation from the US,” will be closely monitored for signs of how serious the new president is about orienting the Philippines toward China and away from the United States.... More >

Unlike the West, India and China Embrace Globalization

Bruce Stokes YaleGlobal, 18 October 2016
Pew Global Attitudes Survey: Indians, Chinese are content with growing integration of their nations into world economy

UN Secretary-General Must Manage Trilateral Divergences Over Globalization

Richard Weitz YaleGlobal, 13 October 2016
UN success rests in commitment to common values, but China, Russia and the US differ on globalization

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Foreign Affairs, 21 October 2016
London’s bankers may give up on Europe altogether
Matt Bradley
NBC News, 21 October 2016
Governance challenges won't vanish with the Islamic State's defeat
ParisTech Review, 20 October 2016
Early entrants in this market will set the rules
Valentina Pop
The Wall Street Journal, 19 October 2016
Europe could expect losses in trade and travel
Mark Hosenball
Reuters, 19 October 2016
The host country continues to give political asylum to founder of rogue internet group

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Susan Froetschel
, 11 October 2016
With growing global population and urbanization comes more waste; governments, companies hunt for sustainable solutions
Euston Quah and Joergen Oerstroem Moeller
, 6 October 2016
Game theory techniques, regarding pollution control as infrastructure, could end haze over Indonesia’s palm oil industry
Satu Limaye and Robert Sutter
, 4 October 2016
East-West Center report identifies five trends in Asian reactions on anti-trade stances of US presidential candidates
Harsh V. Pant
, 29 September 2016
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Joseph Chamie
, 27 September 2016
Policy planning requires new assumptions about migration in a densely populated world with conflict and climate change