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China’s Tianxia: Do All Under Heaven Need One Arbiter?

June Teufel Dreyer YaleGlobal, 30 October 2014
A few Chinese scholars anticipate China’s rise and possible role as arbiter in a troubled world
MIAMI : With China reemerging as a dominating economic and military power in the world, some Chinese scholars have wistfully harkened back to another era, circa the 5th century BC, when under a virtuous and benign Confucian emperor, all was well under heaven. The implicit suggestion in this historical retrospective – under a virtuous China one could return to the golden age. More >

Surrogacy: Human Right or Reproductive Exploitation?

Joseph Chamie and Barry Mirkin YaleGlobal, 28 October 2014
Wild variation in regulations worldwide ensure that surrogacy is both human right and exploitation

Lessons From Versailles for Today’s Middle East

Marc Grossman and Simon Henderson YaleGlobal, 22 October 2014
Discontent and chaos in the Middle East are rooted in treaties drafted at the close of World War I

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Farhan Bokhari
Financial Times, 30 October 2014
The extremists are drawn to areas with chaotic governance and religious extremists
Suhasini Haidar
The Hindu, 29 October 2014
China rejects others interfering with its claims in the South China Sea
Pankaj Ghemawat
Stanford Social Innovation Review, 29 October 2014
Most connections are still local, and global strategies are not necessary for every problem
Chris Giles
Financial Times, 28 October 2014
Bankers fret over ending the policy and stalling recovery
Michael Sauga
Spiegel Online, 27 October 2014
Value of many investments is uncertain if jobs do not materialize

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John Morrison
, 21 October 2014
In era of globalized awareness, best business, government practices demand local consent and social license
Deepak Gopinath
, 16 October 2014
Investors force big private energy companies into liquidation; energy dominance shifts to emerging markets
Shuaihua Cheng
, 14 October 2014
China could ask to join TPP, but would prefer finalizing the Doha Round with the WTO
Joji Sakurai
, 9 October 2014
Civilization must reclaim global imagination, inspire on its potential in responding to Islamic State’s cruelties
Humphrey Hawksley
, 7 October 2014
Protesters worldwide demand immediate change, rejecting constitutions, election results, process –sometimes democracy itself