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Government Approval Not Enough, Businesses Need Social License

John Morrison YaleGlobal, 21 October 2014
In era of globalized awareness, best business, government practices demand local consent and social license
LONDON : There was a time when signing a piece of paper and a handshake were enough for companies to start a factory or mine. This is how business still works in many places, but globalization – delivering economic development to all corners of the planet – is also bringing greater awareness about social, economic and environmental consequences. Now, business also needs the consent of local people and not just a certificate from the town hall or central government. More >

How Wall Street Is Killing Big Oil

Deepak Gopinath YaleGlobal, 16 October 2014
Investors force big private energy companies into liquidation; energy dominance shifts to emerging markets

TPP, China and the Future of Global Trade Order

Shuaihua Cheng YaleGlobal, 14 October 2014
China could ask to join TPP, but would prefer finalizing the Doha Round with the WTO

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