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Pakistan Keen to Keep Ties with Iran and Saudi Arabia

Debalina Ghoshal YaleGlobal, 1 October 2015
Open for trade, Iran may test two rivalries – its own with Saudi Arabia, another between Pakistan and India
NEW DELHI : The Iranian nuclear deal, if implemented, could alter many strategic equations in West Asia, including Iran’s relations with neighbors India and Pakistan. The nuclear deal is sure to give Iran an upper hand in West Asia. However, strengthening Indian-Iranian relations may not bode well for Iranian-Pakistani relations. More >

Xi-Obama Summit: Bridging the Trust Deficit in US-China Ties?

Robert A. Manning YaleGlobal, 29 September 2015
China and the US face many complex issues; the challenge is not letting one overwhelm the relationship

Is ASEAN Losing Its Way?

Amitav Acharya YaleGlobal, 24 September 2015
Fragmented ASEAN balks at taking a position on China’s creeping expansionism in the South China Sea

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Rupa Subramanya
Foreign Policy, 5 October 2015
Modi seeks overseas support for his domestic policy agenda
Gillian Tett
Financial Times, 2 October 2015
Credit exhaustion in emerging markets could stall global growth
Richard Sisk
Military.com, 1 October 2015
Foreign fighters of any type could be pouring gasoline on the fires of civil war in Syria
M.K. Bhadrakumar
Asia Times, 30 September 2015
The two sides set up a hotline, but disagree on targets
Prakash Chandra
The Hindustan Times, 30 September 2015
Water, taken for granted on Earth, is key to life

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, 22 September 2015
UN sustainability goals should not overlook population growth centered in the poor, least developed countries
Jamsheed K. Choksy and Carol E. B. Choksy
, 17 September 2015
Trade delegations rush to Iran; if its nuclear ambitions are not contained, restoring sanctions won't be easy
Chris Miller
, 15 September 2015
European Union needs long-term policies on refugees, with no end in sight for suffering in Middle East or Africa
Farok J. Contractor
, 10 September 2015
The Chinese prefer investing overseas; dummy companies may ease transfers and devalue renminbi
Börje Ljunggren
, 8 September 2015
China uses WWII history against rival Japan for power, but cooperation could be the better lesson