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Europe’s New Economic Divide

Chris Miller YaleGlobal, 27 August 2015
A key axis for Europe: free-market advocates in Western Europe ally with those in former communist countries
NEW HAVEN : To observers of European politics, it came as no surprise to see France and Germany taking opposing positions as talks over Greece’s new bailout deal came down to the wire in mid-July.... Berlin demands greater fiscal and monetary discipline, and Paris focuses instead on using government spending to stimulate growth.... the constellations of countries supporting the German and French positions have shifted. More >

Tension Highlights North Korea’s Limitations

Shim Jae Hoon YaleGlobal, 25 August 2015
South Korea refuses to panic over North’s provocations, turns on border loudspeakers to secure agreement on peace talks

New Delhi’s Soft Power Push

Harsh V. Pant YaleGlobal, 20 August 2015
Under Modi, India cultivates and promotes soft power of Bollywood, Sanskrit, yoga and democracy

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Margaret Coker, Danny Yadron and Damian Paletta
The Wall Street Journal , 28 August 2015
Modern warfare requires tech expertise
Chan Akya
Asia Times , 28 August 2015
Monetary policies may be too loose from countries with aging populations
Brian Krans
Healthline, 27 August 2015
Reduced child mortality and increased life expectancy drive population growth
Peter Wieben
The New Republic , 26 August 2015
Refugees leave all behind to flee brutalities in their homelands
Philip Bowring
Financial Times, 26 August 2015
Asia’s many rivalries hold back the continent’s rise

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Bertil Lintner
, 18 August 2015
Ouster of Shwe Mann suggests that Myanmar’s military leaders are in control, setting strict limits on reforms
Will Hickey
, 13 August 2015
Investors and economies cling to and strengthen the US dollar, despite many glaring imbalances
Itziar Aguirre
, 11 August 2015
Corruption, ethnic tensions, refugees are spreading from small, poor Burundi after troubled election
Gregory Poling
, 6 August 2015
Chinese military drills in South China Sea, as ASEAN convenes on code of conduct, send unsettling message
Michael C. Davis
, 4 August 2015
Protests, China’s tightening grip, uncertainty put Hong Kong’s status as global financial center at risk