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China’s New Silk Road: Implications for the US

Shuaihua Wallace Cheng YaleGlobal, 28 May 2015
China’s responds to US pivot to Asia with One Belt, One Road – that could offer opportunity for the US
GENEVA : Successful launch of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and confrontations in the South China Sea have reignited debate over how the United States should deal with a rising China. The US has not yet offered an official response to China’s “One Belt, One Road” that marks an unprecedented shift of China’s economic diplomacy from a low-key approach to an ambitious China Circle. More >

India’s Modi Turns the Tables on China

Harsh V. Pant YaleGlobal, 26 May 2015
Modi demonstrates willingness to end border disputes, ease tensions and partner with China

China’s Factory Workers Are Becoming More Restive

Anita Chan YaleGlobal, 21 May 2015
Hong Kong activists influence migrant workers in nearby Guangdong to demand enforcement of China’s labor laws

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Tom Kutsch
Al Jazeera America, 28 May 2015
The surprise may be that other nations did not act sooner
Chun Han Wong
The Wall Street Journal, 27 May 2015
The white paper responds to the US pivot to Asia and other challenges
Beth Kowitt
Fortune, 27 May 2015
Research suggests 68 percent of global consumers expect to recognize label ingredients
Dan Bogler
Financial Times, 26 May 2015
Pace slows due to lower commodity prices, rise in the US dollar and China’s slowdown
Chris Mooney
The Washington Post, 25 May 2015
Shelf geography may Accelerate melting

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