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Global Casualty of an Escalating Local War

David R. Cameron YaleGlobal, 24 July 2014
Local conflict in Ukraine takes global victim, and Russia plays politics with tragedy
NEW HAVEN : In course of 10 days four aircraft have been shot down over Ukraine taking the civil war to a new level of intensity. First, came the downing of a military transport aircraft followed in quick succession by destruction of Malaysian Flight 17 and later two Ukrainian Sukhoi SU-25 fighters. More >

Illegal Immigration Illogic

Joseph Chamie YaleGlobal, 22 July 2014
With loose enforcement, implicit message on immigration: if you make it, you can stay

Chinese Challenge: Australia’s Japan Choice

Evelyn Goh YaleGlobal, 17 July 2014
Australia may be ignoring long-term strategy by supporting Japan against top trade partner – China

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Lee Ferran
ABC News, 25 July 2014
NATO members review options
Pankaj Mishra
Bloomberg, 25 July 2014
China seeks alternative global system to IMF and World Bank
Matt McGrath
BBC News, 25 July 2014
Eggs are closer to plants in environmental impact
Nayan Chanda
Businessworld, 24 July 2014
India’s universal ID card could lead to social and economic innovations
Peter Baker
The New York Times, 23 July 2014
Critics advice? More tough talk, weapons or “equipment” for one side or the other

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Nayef Al-Rodhan
, 15 July 2014
Europe overlooks long history of good exchanges with Arab-Islamic world and encourages defensive posture
Gregory Chin
, 9 July 2014
China modifies its south-south narrative for Africa and recognizes the continent as competitor
Carol E. B. Choksy and Jamsheed K. Choksy
, 8 July 2014
The Muslim world must enact strict regulation of capital flows to stanch ISIS, shrink recruitment
Amitav Acharya
, 3 July 2014
New World order emerges, one that requires cooperation and ability to build regional ties
Anthony Rowley
, 1 July 2014
New casinos? Wall Street re-labeled developing nations as emerging markets for investors