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How to Fund the Ebola Fight

Paula Kavathas YaleGlobal, 18 September 2014
To combat Ebola, other infectious diseases, the US could impose $3 tax on international air travel
NEW HAVEN : The Ebola epidemic in West Africa receives daily international coverage, with good reason, as the human and economic crisis intensifies in four nations – Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria. The World Health Organization has called for international cooperation to halt the spread of the deadly virus, advocating for a massive emergency response. More >

War in Ukraine Exposes Russia’s Weakness

Chris Miller YaleGlobal, 16 September 2014
Putin, striving to wield influence over former Soviet states, must compete with EU and rising China

China to Hong Kong: You Can Vote, We Select the Candidates

George Chen YaleGlobal, 11 September 2014
China fears democracy contagion to the mainland if true universal suffrage were allowed in Hong Kong

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Eva Duo, Juro Osawa and Wayne Ma
The Wall Street Journal, 22 September 2014
Alibaba and other Asian tech giants are ready to go head to head with Google, Amazon and Facebook
Gordon Brown
TheWorldPost, 22 September 2014
Interdependence and cooperation are a mark of progress
Nayan Chanda
Businessworld, 22 September 2014
Savvy businesses grasp globalization’s potential and innovate, using the world as their drawing board
Michael Casey
Fortune, 19 September 2014
Ending subsidies for fossil fuels, encouraging efficiency would help all economies
John B. Judis
New Republic, 17 September 2014
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Will Hickey
, 9 September 2014
Struggle of countries like Argentina for orderly default mired in Western financial and legal system
Harold Hongju Koh
, 4 September 2014
A maze of domestic and international law complicates how the US fights Islamic State terrorists
Shashank Joshi
, 2 September 2014
Sunni-Shia divide complicates US, UK uniting regional coalition to fight Islamic State terrorists
Marc Grossman
, 28 August 2014
Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, India agree to move on 1,700-kilometer natural gas pipeline
Joji Sakurai
, 26 August 2014
In separate quests for beauty and perfection, Japanese and Italians are lulled into provincial trapt