Africa Unplugged

Two of three people in Africa lack access to electricity, and for the poor, connecting to an electricity grid is unfathomably expensive. Costs of solar panels have fallen dramatically in recent years, and off-grid solar systems are providing the sun-rich continent an inexpensive way to connect to power. New technologies allow residents of African communities the means to charge smartphones and light homes, which only a few years ago was unthinkable for Africa’s rural poor. While off-grid solar systems lack the capabilities as full-scale electric grids, they offer a step toward modernity and even prosperity. Lighting and more reliable cell phone connectivity improve daily life for many communities. Africa’s chronic power shortages limits economic growth, and so the continent has a huge stake in extending electricity to residents. – YaleGlobal

Africa Unplugged

Small-scale solar power is surging in Africa, enough to charge smartphones, light homes and improve daily life for many communities
Wednesday, November 9, 2016
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