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An Amazonian Battle

After slowing of deforestation in recent years, conflict has returned to the Amazon rainforest with increasing fights between conservations and farmers. Farmers are pushing for a law granting amnesty for illegal logging before 2008 and claim that the host of environmental laws that reduced deforestation created uncertainty for investors. Environmentalists are worried about undermining conservation, with deforestation rates increasing sixfold as the law made its way through the lower house of government. It could also imperil nascent global efforts to price the protection of rainforests through the trading of carbon credits. At stake for Brazil is its dual status as both an agricultural superpower as well as a guardian of the global environment. For new President Dilma Rousseff, the bill presents one of the first major tests of her new administration as Brazil confronts an ever-hungrier and warmer world. – YaleGlobal

An Amazonian Battle

Brazil: A fight over deforestation poses a test for a president struggling to control an unruly coalition – and for a leading agricultural exporter
Joe Leahy
The Financial Times, 31 August 2011
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Additional reporting by Iona Teixeira Stevens.

Source:The Financial Times
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