Associated Press: UN Security Council Condemns North Korea’s Missile Test

North Korea launched yet another missile into the Sea of Japan, demonstrating new strides in range and capability with solid fuel. The US ambassador to the United Nations issued a statement calling the launches “unacceptable” and that the time had come to hold North Korea and “its enablers” accountable. The Kim regime in North Korea could not survive without fuel, food and other basic goods from China. China suggested that a “root cause of North Korean missile launches is friction with the United States and South Korea,” report Edith M. Lederer and Eric Talmadge for the Associated Press. The UN Security Council, including China and Russia, condemned the test once again, but multiple rounds of economic and military sanctions have not prevented North Korea from missile launches and nuclear tests. “The council statement issued Monday was almost exactly the same as the one adopted Oct. 17 – a practice that makes it much easier for members to reach quick agreement.” North Korea is surrounded by China, Japan, South Korea and Russia, so the United Nations favors a diplomatic rather than military solution.. – YaleGlobal

Associated Press: UN Security Council Condemns North Korea's Missile Test

The UN Security Council condemns yet another missile launch by North Korea that demonstrated gains in range and solid-fuel capability
Edith M. Lederer and Eric Talmadge
Wednesday, February 15, 2017
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