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China Warns Outside Nations to Stay Out of Sea Dispute

The South China Sea serves as a crucial link between the Pacific and Indian oceans in a region rich with trade. Territorial disputes over the sea, particularly its potential oil and gas reserves, are common. The US has urged a collective solution among China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan, reports Chris Buckley for Reuters. Vietnam proposed that including the US and other nations in talks could help ease tensions, but China shot that idea down: The Chinese military issued a statement opposing “meddling” and “internationalization” of the dispute, Buckley reports. China prefers one-on-one negotiations, apparently concerned about other nations ganging up against the nation in multilateral talks. China’s assertive claims over the waters could agitate its neighbors and encourage militaries to make greater use of the South China Sea in order to protect their claims. – YaleGlobal

China Warns Outside Nations to Stay Out of Sea Dispute

Vietnam suggests that the US could help resolve territorial differences in the South China Sea, but China says no
Chris Buckley
Reuters, 24 June 2011
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 Additional reporting was provided by John Ruwitch in Hanoi.

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25 June 2011
Well, once there were various doctrines in the past 500 years. Some of them were announced by stronger pwers who divided the globe into convenient segments, Spanish and Portugal called 'our sea' and 'your sea'. In 19th century It was the turn of British, the French, Russian etc. How about the Americans who anounced the famous Monroe doctrine?
Now the Chinese have learnt something from history. So let us live and understand the changed geo-physical globe. Let us give Chinese a chance to flex their muscle.!
-Rao , Canada