Deutsche Welle: EU Urges Poland to Halt Judicial Reforms or Face Sanctions

Judicial reforms initiated by Poland’s governing party Law and Justice, of which the President Andrzej Duda is a close ally, are coming closer to fruition, but with substantial criticism in both Poland and abroad. Proposed legislation would “trigger the immediate dismissal of current judges in the Supreme Court” and then allow the justice minister to appoint both Supreme Court replacements and chief justices of common courts, reports Deutsche Welle. Critics protest that these laws weaken the judiciary’s independence and run counter to the ideal of separation of powers. The European Commission – the executive arm of the European Union – warns that it is likely to invoke Article 7, “a never-before-used sanction against EU members who violate fundamental rights.” Legal scholars have pointed to the principle of consistency as having a prominent place in EU law. Indeed, since becoming a full member in 2004, Poland has had a complicated relationship with the EU. The nation was denied free movement of labor for seven years and does not use the euro.  – YaleGlobal

Deutsche Welle: EU Urges Poland to Halt Judicial Reforms or Face Sanctions

Unprecedented use of Article 7 in the Treaty of the EU may be imminent for Poland as critics cite violation of EU fundamental values
Thursday, July 20, 2017
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