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France Is the Source of its Own Problems

Hostility to globalization is pervasive in France, with many citizens focusing on the downsides, including the shift of jobs overseas, unemployment, immigrants that do not assimilate and changing cultural influences. The pessimism over globalization, an ongoing issue in presidential campaigns, now also extends toward further integration with the rest of Europe. Failure to integrate with fellow Europeans, let alone the world will only deepen French woes. The French must take a clear look at their own policies, argues Philippe Manière for the Financial Times. Germany and the Netherlands are each more globalized and enjoy less unemployment. He urges French politicians to jumpstart education and competitiveness, provide for social mobility and bring equal opportunities to the majority of French people. French voters continue to scapegoat globalization and question EU integration, but they will be even more distraught if their economy fails to keep pace with those of more open European neighbors. – YaleGlobal

France Is the Source of its Own Problems

French resentment to globalization even extends to European integration
Philippe Manière
The Financial Times, 2 April 2012
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The writer is president of Footprint consultants. His latest book is “Le pays où la vie est plus dure.”

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