High-Tech Fork Counts Your Mouthfuls

Inventors in one part of the world often observe problems elsewhere and develop solutions. Researchers have long pointed out that eating too fast leads to weight gain and obesity. Quick eaters take in too much before realizing their stomachs are full. So engineer Jacques Lépine invented a fork with electronics in the handle, designed to vibrate and turn red if users insert food into their mouth without waiting at least 10 seconds per bite. Lépine is from France, renowned for its cultural focus on fine food and long, leisurely meals. “In our busy life, it's good to be reminded of how we eat as well as what we eat,” notes the website for HAPIlabs, the company based in Hong Kong that makes the fork. HAPIfork can transfer data to computer files so diners can monitor behavior – “to slow down eating habits, improve digestion and help with weight control,” reports Bruce Kennedy for MSN Money. No word if makers are developing HAPIchopsticks. Like good food, good ideas will travel. – YaleGlobal

High-Tech Fork Counts Your Mouthfuls

Designed in France and made in Hong Kong, electronic fork is a product of globalization – aiming to slow diners in the US who eat too fast
Bruce Kennedy
Friday, January 25, 2013
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