More Than 50 Countries Allegedly Involved in CIA Rendition and Torture

A report from the Open Society Foundations has released a report that more than 50 nations, including the US, extra-judicially transferred suspected terrorists overseas for secret integration and torture. “Composed of information provided by various human rights organizations, the 214-page OSF report currently stands as the most comprehensive record of 136 individuals exposed to various methods of torture, including water-boarding, prolonged sleep deprivation, cramped confinement and more, in countries like Syria, Egypt, Libya, Canada and the United Kingdom,” reports Nicolas Rochon for the International. The report accuses the countries of human-rights violations, sending prisoners to known for their inhuman treatment, and another investigation described the United States as “the chief architect” of the web. The report insists that techniques of torture are ineffective and even dangerous. – YaleGlobal

More Than 50 Countries Allegedly Involved in CIA Rendition and Torture

Open Society Foundations alleges transfer of suspects to countries notorious for inhumane treatment; the US is described as system’s “chief architect”
Nicolas Rochon
Wednesday, February 20, 2013
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