Southern Weekly Reporters Confront China Censors

Journalists are often the biggest opponents of censorship and biggest proponents of government reforms. Many observers in China had anticipated new reforms with the transition in leadership. Yet propaganda officials continue to censor reports about corruption, dissent and government’s inability to tackle pressing problems. Former staff members and interns of a newspaper in China have urged the Guangdong propaganda official to resign after he changed an editorial. “The row at the Southern Weekly - known for hard-hitting investigations and testing the limits of censorship - erupted after a new year editorial calling for guaranteed constitutional rights was changed at the last minute to one extolling the virtues of the Communist Party,” reports BBC News. Sina Weibo, the Chinese micro-blogging site, is filtering comments mentioning “Southern Weekly.” Those supporting or opposing reforms in China can’t agree about whether strict limits on the media and online debate might instigate or ease unrest. – YaleGlobal

Southern Weekly Reporters Confront China Censors

Journalists at a leading Chinese newspaper have called for a propaganda chief to resign, in a rare protest against censorship
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
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