Tech Companies Struggle to Get World on Internet

Two thirds of the world’s people still lack access to the internet. “The possibility of connecting those four billion people to the rest of the world has led to a big scramble by tech firms and helped fuel sky-high valuations for investors’ favorite apps and gadgets,” writes Evelyn Rusli for the Wall Street Journal. Yet the pace of getting people connected is slowing. “The hurdles include low wages, lack of digital literacy and a dearth of compelling content that feels relevant,” adds Rusli, who writes about Indonesia where it’s estimated one in six are online. “Many reluctant users can afford the Internet but wonder why they should bother.” Women are less likely to use the internet but are more motivated to try uses that can improve quality of life. Tech firms and NGOs send representatives door to door to recruit new users, teach basics and help with business ideas. A demonstrator asked one user about preferences for a search, and the woman replied that she wanted to know what the future holds. – YaleGlobal

Tech Companies Struggle to Get World on Internet

Google and Facebook are scrambling to reach billions of people still without web access, but the internet’s expansion is actually slowing
Evelyn M. Rusli
Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Newley Purnell contributed to this article.

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