In the News

Richard Joseph
The Conversation US
, 1 April 2015
Africa’s most populous country, biggest oil exporter, is troubled by terrorism and corruption
James T. Areddy
The Wall Street Journal
, 1 April 2015
Foreign operators account for most of Yemen’s energy production
Joe Cirincione
The Huffington Post
, 31 March 2015
The deal must guarantee rapid-response punishments for cheating
Thu Huong Le
Viet Nam News
, 30 March 2015
Hanoi citizens express outrage; city’s “landscape project,” involves cutting 6,700 mature trees
Beenish Ahmed
, 30 March 2015
Anti-Semitism may contribute to emigration to Israel
Akim Alma Smari, Rory Jones, and Asa Fitch
The Wall Street Journal
, 27 March 2015
Saudi Arabia sets out to organize Arab joint force for the larger Middle East
María Elena Candia
Foreign Policy
, 27 March 2015
Maduro administration continues unsustainable government spending
Mwangi Kimenyi
, 26 March 2015
Poaching in Africa continues to spread
Kwan Weng Kin
The Straits Times
, 25 March 2015
Anti-immigrant sentiments block solutions
Samiha Shafy
Spiegel Online
, 25 March 2015
Government fails to keep up with security and maintenance
Frank Shyong
The Los Angeles Times
, 24 March 2015
High school students should develop their own passion and avoid college application stereotypes
Nina Hendy
BBC News
, 23 March 2015
Retailers provide free wireless to keep shoppers in stores and track browsing activity
Krista Hughes
Reuters Canada
, 23 March 2015
China expects bank technology firms to hand over source code and use Chinese encryption
David D. Kirkpatrick
The New York Times
, 20 March 2015
Islamic State claims credit
Nayan Chanda
, 20 March 2015
Modi visits island neighbors, but big powers must be sensitive in approach
Yousef Munayyer
The New York Times
, 19 March 2015
The US may back away from steady defense of Israel in international forums
Justin Forsyth
New Statesman
, 18 March 2015
Aid may not be enough
Steve LeVine
Foreign Affairs
, 18 March 2015
Improved batteries would galvanize the renewables industry
Jay Famiglietti
The Los Angeles Times
, 17 March 2015
NASA scientist urges immediate water rationing and long-term planning with citizen input
J Berkshire Miller
Asia Sentinel
, 16 March 2015
Japan’s position on World War II role diminishes its influence as US ally or global leader