In the News

Sławomir Sierakowski
Project Syndicate
, 27 June 2016
Unless citizen and leaders are willing to enact reforms and live with compromises
Larry Elliott
The Guardian
, 27 June 2016
Political leaders and citizens must unite to repair, not trash troubled systems
Dirk Kurbjuweit
Spiegel International
, 24 June 2016
The EU was an achievement, not a blunder
Steven Erlanger
The New York Times
, 24 June 2016
Decision will reshape Britain’s place in the world
BBC News
, 23 June 2016
Big data and artificial intelligence usher in a new era of computing
Robert Winder
New Statesman
, 22 June 2016
Migration is a response to conflict, climate change and poverty
Ylan Q. Mui
The Washington Post
, 22 June 2016
Many US firms rely on the UK as base for doing business in the rest of Europe
David Welna
, 21 June 2016
The Pentagon is quadrupling spending for what it calls European reassurance
Rani Molla and Lisa Abramowicz
, 20 June 2016
With the inevitable bust, though, investor losses may have outweighed price gains for consumers
Stephen Meyer
National Review
, 19 June 2016
Brexit could disrupt functioning of NATO
The Economist
, 17 June 2016
Foreign aid may be spread too thin
Peter S. Goodman
The New York Times
, 17 June 2016
The uncertainty of Brexit unnerves global markets
Kristina Cooke and Joseph Ax
, 16 June 2016
FBI director says good relationship with Muslims is essential for law enforcement
Eric Roston
, 15 June 2016
Volatile weather causes billions in damages, and productivity declines with rising temperatures
Iain Overton
The Globe and Mail
, 15 June 2016
Gun-rights advocates shrug off statistics that show fewer guns reduce gun deaths
Christian Teevs
Spiegel International
, 14 June 2016
Britain won’t escape regulations, and the London financial sector will lose influence
Issie Lapowsk
, 13 June 2016
As secrecy ends, communities form
Michael Lerner
, 13 June 2016
The non-conformist boxer became a messenger of peace
Rebecca Keller
, 10 June 2016
Robotics could usher in an era of efficient regionalization
Oliver Nieburg
, 10 June 2016
Two multinationals based in New Jersey tussle over “m” for candies sold in Sweden