In the News

Malkia Cyril
The Guardian
, 27 February 2015
Appeals and litigation are expected
Yuriy Gorodnichenko, Gérard Roland and Edward Walker
Project Syndicate
, 27 February 2015
The Kremlin invests in dividing Europe, funding euro-skeptics in media and politics
Missy Ryan
The Washington Post
, 26 February 2015
Sales to be made on case-by-case basis to allies who pledge not to use on civilians
Kirk Moore
Rutgers Today
, 25 February 2015
Arctic melting could contribute to the jet stream’s wild and wavy behavior
Kjetil Malkenes Hovland
The Wall Street Journal
, 25 February 2015
Most of the world expresses gratitude and cheers tolerance
Eli Lake
, 24 February 2015
IS shows little trust of recruits and few are expected to survive
Tara Carman
The Vancouver Sun
, 23 February 2015
New measures put in place after reports of Canadians displaced by foreign skilled workers
Graeme Wood
The Atlantic
, 23 February 2015
Religious fundamentalists want caliphate, return to the 7th century, apocalypse
Maggie Michael
The Associated Press
, 20 February 2015
Well-publicized violence subdues the cities
Jeremy Page and Julian E. Barnes
The Wall Street Journal
, 20 February 2015
One reef is three times closer to the Philippines than it is to China
Gideon Rachman
Financial Times
, 19 February 2015
The sanctions are working, weakening support among Russians for a takeover of Ukraine
Nayan Chanda
The Times of India
, 18 February 2015
China follows the US in wooing India’s Modi
Pallab Ghosh
BBC News
, 18 February 2015
Society must preserve tools to access documents whose value is not yet recognized
Roger Cohen
The New York Times
, 17 February 2015
Religion and politics are treacherous combination for any who do not share beliefs
Louise Story and Stephanie Saul
The New York Times
, 16 February 2015
Secrecy over purchases could aid in laundering money tied to foreign corruption
James Kirchick
Foreign Policy
, 16 February 2015
Reticence for military confrontation may be a legacy of WWII
The Economist
, 13 February 2015
Engineers scramble for solutions on Fukushima cleanup
Scott Berinato
Harvard Business Review
, 13 February 2015
In sea of credit-card data, researcher identifies most users with dates, locations of four purchases
David Dawson
The Diplomat
, 12 February 2015
Censorship puts Chinese investors, entrepreneurs and educators at a competitive disadvantage
Batsheva Sobelman and Laura King
The Los Angeles Times
, 11 February 2015
Defiance on protocol could weaken ties between the two allies