In the News

Astrid Prange
Deutsche Welle
, 4 September 2015
Steady payments take priority over debt totals
C. Raja Mohan
The Indian Express
, 2 September 2015
World leaders should avoid the pitfalls of favoring one religion over other systems of beliefs
Halimah Abdullah and M. Alex Johnson
NBC News
, 2 September 2015
Rising seas, depleted water supplies, volatile weather add to refugees and conflict
Brian Whitmore
The Atlantic
, 1 September 2015
The government could be putting the elite on notice
James F. Collins, Ross A. Virginia and Kenneth S. Yalowitz
Project Syndicate
, 31 August 2015
Resource development is inevitable for the Arctic, yet costly
Ahmed Elumami and Marton Dunai
, 31 August 2015
Disparate laws challenge border enforcement
Margaret Coker, Danny Yadron and Damian Paletta
The Wall Street Journal
, 28 August 2015
Modern warfare requires tech expertise
Chan Akya
Asia Times
, 28 August 2015
Monetary policies may be too loose from countries with aging populations
Brian Krans
, 27 August 2015
Reduced child mortality and increased life expectancy drive population growth
Peter Wieben
The New Republic
, 26 August 2015
Refugees leave all behind to flee brutalities in their homelands
Philip Bowring
Financial Times
, 26 August 2015
Asia’s many rivalries hold back the continent’s rise
Katrin Kuntz
Spiegel Online International
, 25 August 2015
A teen develops a thousand sources and maps jihadist movements from his home in Amsterdam
Sam Schechner and Matthew Dalton
The Wall Street Journal
, 24 August 2015
Government requests vigilance from train passengers
Marc Jones
, 24 August 2015
The slowdown for China was anticipated
Cathy Kit Ching Chan
, 21 August 2015
Many want to avoid legal trouble with the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Emmanuel Akinwotu
New Statesman
, 20 August 2015
Far-right parties gain traction by opposing immigration of desperate refugees
Nicola Abé, Jens Glüsing, Felix Lill, Michaela Schiessl, Samiha Shafy and Helene Zuber
Spiegel Online
, 20 August 2015
Corporations are keen to privatize water supplies, raise prices to reduce demand
Kareem Shaheen and Ian Black
The Guardian
, 19 August 2015
History and diverse beliefs threaten the Islamic State
Kieran Cooke
Climate News Network
, 19 August 2015
Low profits and stock market troubles threaten expansion
Margie Mason
Associated Press
, 18 August 2015
Associated Press tracked trawler with satellite beacon and alerted Indonesian authorities