In the News

Scott Gottlieb and Tevi Troy
The Wall Street Journal
, 15 September 2014
Paradoxically, open borders combined with screening reduces fear and prevents spread
Brian Bremner and Rose Kim
Bloomberg Businessweek
, 15 September 2014
South Korean government invests $1 trillion in robotics industry
Keith Porter
, 12 September 2014
Global governance is in play every day – more needed on complex challenges like climate change
Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi
Arab News
, 12 September 2014
Only a united coalition can tackle instability and other root causes of terrorism
Spencer Ackerman
The Guardian
, 11 September 2014
Obama relies on 2001 authorization on 9/11 attackers to attack Islamic State
Tim Arango
The New York Times
, 11 September 2014
United effort could defeat terrorist group that thrives on conflict and power vacuums
Fanfan Wang
The Wall Street Journal
, 10 September 2014
Spending on health care in China anticipated to rise sevenfold by 2020
Lisa De Bode
Al Jazeera America
, 10 September 2014
Some immigrants worry about London’s rising anti-EU sentiment
Rupert Wingfield-Hayes
BBC News
, 9 September 2014
Nations bordering the South China Sea go great lengths to establish claims
Nayan Chanda
, 8 September 2014
To compete globally, India must embrace sustainability and strong education skills
Phil Stewart and Julien Ponthus
, 5 September 2014
The fight to destroy the terrorism group could last years
Jaswant Singh
Project Syndicate
, 5 September 2014
Emerging powers should not rely on policies of inaction and silence
Asia Sentinel
, 5 September 2014
Fuel subsidies, laws that limit foreign investment hamper development
Jamil Anderlini
Financial Times
, 4 September 2014
The bonuses, 135 percent of average annual rural incomes, are intended to ease unrest
Siobhan Gorman, Nour Malas and Matt Bradley
The Wall Street Journal
, 4 September 2014
Recruits should be wary of brutal, paranoid leaders
Michael Peel
Financial Times
, 3 September 2014
Harsh lèse-majesté laws do not prevent king from being targeted
Inna Lazareva
The Telegraph
, 2 September 2014
Palestinians push the United States on timetable for ending Israeli occupation
Chris Dodd
, 1 September 2014
International firms divided over China’s decision to approve candidates for 2017 election
Michaeleen Doucleff
, 1 September 2014
International researchers worked around clock to sequence DNA
Gregory L. White and Colleen McCain Nelson
The Wall Street Journal
, 30 August 2014
The United States notes that a military response is not an option