In the News

Axel Bojanowski
Spiegel Online
, 26 August 2016
Investment in preparation and infrastructure can save lives
Kiyoshi Takenaka and Xiao Yu
, 25 August 2016
Foreign ministers are in agreement after North Korea fires submarine-launched missile
Pinar Sevinclidir
BBC News
, 24 August 2016
Turkish president aims at “putting an end” to problems at its border with Syria
James Jeffrey
, 24 August 2016
Long-running conflicts in the region threaten stability
Rosalind S. Helderman, Spencer S. Hsu and Tom Hamburger
The Washington Post
, 23 August 2016
Charities can juggle motivations other than pure philanthropy
Kor Kian Beng
The Straits Times
, 22 August 2016
Quarrels over the South China Sea have triggered a debate among analysts
Kemal Derviş
Project Syndicate
, 22 August 2016
Global governance can spread the details on best practices
Denis MacShane
, 19 August 2016
The right time for triggering Article 50 and Brexit may never come
Jonathan M. Katz
The New York Times
, 19 August 2016
Cholera strain was linked to peacekeeping team from Nepal
Sumeet Chatterjee and Denny Thomas
, 18 August 2016
In-house teams handle mergers and acquisitions for technology firms
Simon Nixon
The Wall Street Journal
, 17 August 2016
Like the UK, every other country wants the competitive edge in trade deals
Margaret Hetherman
Scientific American
, 17 August 2016
Or can society step up awareness and self-control?
The Economist
, 16 August 2016
Does fiscal expansion delay structural reforms?
Nayan Chanda
, 15 August 2016
Protectionist mood in advanced economies may nudge emerging economies to develop their own service markets
Andres Viglucci
Miami Herald
, 15 August 2016
Mosquitoes are building up resistance to pesticides
Yaroslav Trofimov
The Wall Street Journal
, 12 August 2016
Shifting allegiances among rebels complicate US strategy
Nellie Le Beau and Hugh Tuckfield
The Diplomat
, 12 August 2016
The city lacks resources to handle the growing numbers
Joseph S. Nye
Project Syndicate
, 11 August 2016
Global cooperation around some basic internet rules could improve connections and innovation
Olesya Astakhova and Andrew Osborn
, 10 August 2016
The two countries still back opposing sides in the Syrian war
Philip Bowring
Asia Sentinel
, 10 August 2016
But some deals could be overturned if Malaysians get angry