In the News

Nayan Chanda
The Times of India
, 29 September 2014
India and the United States could benefit from strategic cooperation
Eva Dou
The Wall street Journal
, 29 September 2014
Migrant labor does not head to low-wage factories in Chongqing
Rami G. Khouri
The Daily Star
, 29 September 2014
Islamic State violence may spur new Sunni-Shia cooperation
Agence France Presse
, 26 September 2014
Islamic State terrorists are an enemy of Islam
Gardiner Harris
The New York Times
, 26 September 2014
Expect private space ventures around the globe eye the achievement
Doni Bloomfield
, 25 September 2014
Apple delays China debut; phones are resold for up to four times the US price
Tansen Sen
The Times of India
, 24 September 2014
Bumpy diplomacy and uneasy ties between China and India pose global consequences
Daniel Politi
, 23 September 2014
Process was lengthy, but Afghanistan has two leaders
Laurence Neville
Global Finance
, 23 September 2014
But can ambitious powers neglect entire continents?
Eva Duo, Juro Osawa and Wayne Ma
The Wall Street Journal
, 22 September 2014
Alibaba and other Asian tech giants are ready to go head to head with Google, Amazon and Facebook
Gordon Brown
, 22 September 2014
Interdependence and cooperation are a mark of progress
Nayan Chanda
, 22 September 2014
Savvy businesses grasp globalization’s potential and innovate, using the world as their drawing board
Michael Casey
, 19 September 2014
Ending subsidies for fossil fuels, encouraging efficiency would help all economies
John B. Judis
New Republic
, 17 September 2014
Donors can influence topics of research, sources and conclusions
Fahim Zaman and Naziha Syed Ali
, 17 September 2014
Extremists infiltrate the Pakistani military
Maximilian Popp
Spiegel Online
, 16 September 2014
Thousands risk lives to flee conflicts; patrols struggle with rescues
Scott Gottlieb and Tevi Troy
The Wall Street Journal
, 15 September 2014
Paradoxically, open borders combined with screening reduces fear and prevents spread
Brian Bremner and Rose Kim
Bloomberg Businessweek
, 15 September 2014
South Korean government invests $1 trillion in robotics industry
Keith Porter
, 12 September 2014
Global governance is in play every day – more needed on complex challenges like climate change
Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi
Arab News
, 12 September 2014
Only a united coalition can tackle instability and other root causes of terrorism