In the News

Al Jazeera
, 27 April 2015
Kathmandu depends on tourism and foreign aid
Alexandra Zavis
The Los Angeles Times
, 27 April 2015
Saudi bombings in Yemen strike back at expanded Iranian presence in Middle East
The Asia Sentinel
, 24 April 2015
Businesses fear the government is retreating from globalization
Jeff Nesbit
US News & World Report
, 24 April 2015
From all corners of the planet, activists are tackling climate change as a moral cause
Susanne Craig
The New York Times
, 23 April 2015
US Congress must approve lifting full trade embargo, and businesses could apply pressure
Kevin Dennehy
, 22 April 2015
Most action on controlling carbon in the US is from state and local governments
Evelyn M. Rusli
The Wall Street Journal
, 22 April 2015
Two thirds of the world’s people are not online
Andrew Rettman
EU Observer
, 21 April 2015
Greece, Spain and Estonia quarrel publicly over the EU extension of Russia sanctions
Paul Mozur and Jane Perlez
The New York Times
, 20 April 2015
The move is but a small delay in the country’s regulations for the internet
Aurélie Ponthieu
Médecins Sans Frontières
, 20 April 2015
NGO launches its own search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean
Ozias Tungwarara
, 17 April 2015
Hatred follows migration fueled by conflict, corruption, poverty and climate change
Jim Wyss and Mimi Whitefield
Miami Herald
, 17 April 2015
Improving US relations with Cuba could expand cooperation throughout region
Matt Phillips
, 16 April 2015
Someone must spend to nudge the world's economy
Frank Gardner
BBC News
, 15 April 2015
Extremists take advantage of the power vacuum
Anna Yukhananov
, 15 April 2015
Growth is expected for Europe and Japan, but not the US and China
Nicole Perlroth
The New York Times
, 14 April 2015
An internet blitz in March reveals a new weapon in cyber warfare
Richard Javad Heydarian
Al Jazeera
, 13 April 2015
US allies sign up for AIIB, signaling China’s emergence as economic pivot
José R. Cárdenas
Foreign Policy
, 13 April 2015
It’s less easy to use the US as a scapegoat
Catherine Rampell
The Washington Post
, 10 April 2015
Public policies do not anticipate how technology affects the workforce
Arif Rafiq
The Diplomat
, 10 April 2015
The Islamic State threatens Iran from both Iraq and Afghanistan