US Nation-Building Abroad – Part I

As the June 30 handover deadline nears, worries grow about what will be left behind in Iraq
Dilip Hiro
May 26, 2004

The Medium Shapes the Message

US-produced Arabic network unlikely to win hearts and minds of Middle East
Seth Fein
May 7, 2004

The Gordian Knot of Gaza

Solution to Israeli-Palestinian issue must combine aspirations of the Arab citizens with regional interest
Tamara Cofman Wittes
March 6, 2009

UN Inspection in Iraq Was No Sham

The UN success holds valuable lessons for stopping proliferation
Jessica Tuchman Mathews
March 26, 2004

Gaza Explosions Reverberate in Europe

Devastation in Gaza reignites passion in Europe about Israel, Palestine and Muslim integration in the continent
Shada Islam
January 23, 2009


Polio Outbreak in Northeast Syria Risks Spreading, WHO Says

UN and health care groups call for ceasefire to allow immunizations
Stephanie Nebehay
October 30, 2013

Human Rights Groups: Drone Strikes Kill More Civilians Than US Admits

Casualties may not be rare
Craig Whitlock
October 22, 2013

Saudi Arabia Rejects UN Security Council Seat

Move could point to need for UN reform
Nate Rawlings
October 21, 2013

Can Iran, Victim of Chemical Weapons, Help Fix the Syria Crisis?

Iran’s new president could instigate diplomacy
Karl Vick
September 13, 2013

A Syrian Lesson for India

Water shortages, climate change are security threats
Nayan Chanda
September 11, 2013