UN Credibility on Trial in Cambodia

UN hybrid tribunal in danger of becoming irrelevant as donor nations overlook Cambodian government’s interference
John D. Ciorciari
May 14, 2015

40 Years After Exit From Saigon: Vietnam and US Find Strategic Common Ground

Vietnam tries to balance ties between Washington and Beijing – and avoid conflict in the South China Sea
Murray Hiebert
April 30, 2015

China-Pakistan: A Strategic Relationship in the Shadows

China wants to avoid criticism over its close security ties with troublesome Pakistan
Andrew Small
April 7, 2015

Danger From the East: Bangladeshi Extremists Target India

Political turmoil in Bangladesh spurs poverty, marginalization, illegal immigration to India and extremism
Saroj Kumar Rath
March 26, 2015

Under Modi, India Challenges Old Assumptions

Reversing India’s old non-alignment foreign policies, Modi embraces ties with the US and others
Harsh V. Pant
March 12, 2015

Thai Coup Alienates US Giving China New Opening

The US pressures Thai generals to plan elections, despite rocky transition and royal succession
Shawn W. Crispin
March 5, 2015


Modi in America: Strategic Convergence Alone Won’t Deflect Scrutiny on Treatment of NGOs and Minorities

The US presses for more reforms even as relations with Vietnam and India improve
Nayan Chanda
June 6, 2016

India’s Education Deficit

Modern workplaces confront a skills mismatch
Nayan Chanda
May 30, 2016

US Airstrike Against Taliban Leader Crossed a Pakistani “Red Line”

Some targets are too big and tempting
Tim Craig and Greg Miller
May 25, 2016

American Apathy: Voters’ Aversion to Foreign Entanglements Bodes Ill for Stability in Asia

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the presumptive nominees, and Bernie Sanders still wins states
Nayan Chanda
May 18, 2016

Philippines’ Next President: Implications for ASEAN

Voters select bluster over government expertise
Mely Caballero-Anthony
May 11, 2016