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Globalization wields powerful influence over societies and cultures. Business travelers and tourists both observe and distribute new ideas. New ideas, interactions, foods and products are tried, then embraced or discarded. With the internet or satellite television, films, publications, photographs, news reports and cartoons can travel instantly, entertaining or angering audiences around the globe. With social media like Facebook or Twitter, individuals offer news and own instant pronouncements on trends. Whether slowly through immigration or immediately online, these connections bring about some convergence of norms on fashion to human rights while also provoking challenges from traditionalists. A global society has emerged, and it’s tightly linked.

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Joseph Chamie and Barry Mirkin
, 4 August 2016
Climate change, shrinking resources, conflict ensure ongoing migration – and governments cannot afford to ignore the challenges
Joseph Chamie
, 30 June 2016
Median age gaps of 10 years and more between sending and receiving nations add to migration pressures
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, 16 June 2016
Myanmar’s fledgling democracy is marred by denying rights for a Muslim minority, urging foreigners to avoid historical term “Rohingya”
Nick Frisch
, 14 June 2016
China’s leaders moved ahead with economic reforms soon after the Tiananmen crackdown, but silenced politics and memories
Ian Shapiro and Nicholas Strong
, 26 May 2016
Boycotting Israeli firms that hire Palestinians won’t deliver peace; business-housing programs like New York’s Co-op City offer an alternative
Sumit Ganguly
, 17 May 2016
With a series of attacks and no crackdown on extremism, Bangladesh retreats from its secular, democratic beginnings

In the News

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The New Yorker
, 25 October 2016
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Columbia Journalism Review
, 3 October 2016
Declining newspaper budgets contribute to fewer informed voters
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The Atlantic
, 26 September 2016
Diverse cities thrive on connections, not walls
Martinne Geller and Randy Fabi
, 15 September 2016
Labeling law in the world's fourth most populous country gives halal products a lift
Ian Buruma
Project Syndicate
, 6 September 2016
Anti-Muslim rhetoric is framed in the language of human rights
Joseph S. Nye
Project Syndicate
, 11 August 2016
Global cooperation around some basic internet rules could improve connections and innovation

More On Europe

Russia and China root for the disengaged candidate who rejects integration
In a wide-ranging interview with YaleGlobal’s Nayan Chanda, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway and former Director General of the World Health Organization discussed various challenges facing the world. She expressed guarded optimism about the climate change summit in Paris but was concerned about the growing economic inequality in the developed world and rising anti-immigrant, anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe. Brudtland was one of the intended target of Norwegian anti-Islamic fanatic Anders Behring Breivik who killed dozens of socialist youth in July 2011.
US spends lots on health care than Scandinavian nations with less-than-satisfactory outcomes
Researchers inject carbon dioxide into large wells in Iceland that pass through basaltic lava - turning the gas into mineralized rocks