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Globalization wields powerful influence over societies and cultures. Business travelers and tourists both observe and distribute new ideas. New ideas, interactions, foods and products are tried, then embraced or discarded. With the internet or satellite television, films, publications, photographs, news reports and cartoons can travel instantly, entertaining or angering audiences around the globe. With social media like Facebook or Twitter, individuals offer news and own instant pronouncements on trends. Whether slowly through immigration or immediately online, these connections bring about some convergence of norms on fashion to human rights while also provoking challenges from traditionalists. A global society has emerged, and it’s tightly linked.

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Azeem Ibrahim
, 16 June 2016
Myanmar’s fledgling democracy is marred by denying rights for a Muslim minority, urging foreigners to avoid historical term “Rohingya”
Nick Frisch
, 14 June 2016
China’s leaders moved ahead with economic reforms soon after the Tiananmen crackdown, but silenced politics and memories
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, 26 May 2016
Boycotting Israeli firms that hire Palestinians won’t deliver peace; business-housing programs like New York’s Co-op City offer an alternative
Sumit Ganguly
, 17 May 2016
With a series of attacks and no crackdown on extremism, Bangladesh retreats from its secular, democratic beginnings
Terry Lautz
, 12 May 2016
One side of China pursues openness and reforms; another side insists that unity and stability are paramount
Hicham Alaoui
, 10 May 2016
Authoritarianism has retrenched in the Middle East with new strategies to extend control

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New Statesman
, 22 June 2016
Migration is a response to conflict, climate change and poverty
Iain Overton
The Globe and Mail
, 15 June 2016
Gun-rights advocates shrug off statistics that show fewer guns reduce gun deaths
Issie Lapowsk
, 13 June 2016
As secrecy ends, communities form
Michael Lerner
, 13 June 2016
The non-conformist boxer became a messenger of peace
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The Telegraph
, 6 June 2016
Many families fear education for its ability to entice children away from home towns
The Asia Sentinel
, 2 June 2016
Religious fundamentalism divides society

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