The global economy thrives on globalization and the increasing interdependence of finance, production, consumption and trade. Such integration has reduced poverty, yet varying national policies along with ever-increasing speed of transactions and market news have also contributed to imbalances, both among nations and within. Regulations often do not keep pace in managing cross-border debt, foreign direct investment, corporate practices, tax codes or economic bubbles. The eurozone crisis and the US subprime mortgage crisis have demonstrated that one nation’s problems and panic can spread like wildfire. Nations must combine a competitive spirit with cooperation to achieve stable economic growth and sustainable prosperity.

Fixing Global Finance: An Interview with Martin Wolf

What can be done to ensure global financial stability in the future
March 5, 2009

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The two nations must coordinate fiscal and monetary policy to control the crisis they helped create
Michael Pettis
January 6, 2009

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Xu Sitao
December 18, 2008

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Interventions to stem the financial crisis seem to increase foreign creditors’ trust in US government
Ashok Bardhan
December 16, 2008


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Tax-free remittances curtail poverty, disrupt economic future
Khurrum Anis
March 26, 2013

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Low-cost Chinese imports compete with African manufactured goods
William Wallis
March 21, 2013

World Markets Roiled as Cyprus Bailout Deal Stalls

Plan from offshore banking center was to tax all deposits
Eric Reguly
March 18, 2013

The Financial Crash Will Not Bring About “Globalization on Steroids”

Global recession triggers international tensions, not cooperation
Joshua Kurlantzick
March 11, 2013

UK Will Find EU Bank Bonus Cap Hard to Lift

Europe imposes austerity on bankers
John O'Donnell
March 6, 2013