The global economy thrives on globalization and the increasing interdependence of finance, production, consumption and trade. Such integration has reduced poverty, yet varying national policies along with ever-increasing speed of transactions and market news have also contributed to imbalances, both among nations and within. Regulations often do not keep pace in managing cross-border debt, foreign direct investment, corporate practices, tax codes or economic bubbles. The eurozone crisis and the US subprime mortgage crisis have demonstrated that one nation’s problems and panic can spread like wildfire. Nations must combine a competitive spirit with cooperation to achieve stable economic growth and sustainable prosperity.

From the Unipolar Moment to a Multiplex World

New World order emerges, one that requires cooperation and ability to build regional ties
Amitav Acharya
July 3, 2014

The New Casinos – Emerging Markets

New casinos? Wall Street re-labeled developing nations as emerging markets for investors
Anthony Rowley
July 1, 2014

Inequality and the Nature of Capital: A Reminder to Economists

Developing nations are well versed on inequality – Piketty book neglects the role of natural capital
Chandran Nair
June 17, 2014

Timor-Leste: Lessons of a Failing State?

Timor-Leste, struggling since independence in 2002, cannot take international generosity for granted
Loro Horta
May 22, 2014

Renminbi Undervalued? Think Again

China resists further currency appreciation to remain competitive in manufacturing and job creation
Farok J. Contractor
May 8, 2014

Differing Approaches to Immigration on Two Sides of the Atlantic

Fierce opposition to immigration festers in US and Europe – the US political backlash will be less severe
Michael Mandelbaum
April 24, 2014


With Globalization in Danger, G-20 Double Down on a Defense

Countries were already enacting policies to spread benefits of globalization and growth
July 26, 2016

Global Elites Must Heed the Warning of Populist Rage

Inequality and stagnant incomes threaten democracies
Martin Wolf
July 21, 2016

Brexit: Boon or Bane

The British decision suggests that nations will struggle to cooperate on pressing global challenges
Nayan Chanda
July 11, 2016

Post-Brexit, Can a Kinder, Gentler Model Help Globalization Survive?

Withdrawing from the world’s close interconnectedness will be disruptive
Peter Ford, Sara Miller Llana and Howard LaFranchi
July 6, 2016

Youth to Foot Bill for Baby Boomer Budget Incompetency

Budget deficits – and failure to invest in education and infrastructure – are a tax on the young
Jessica Irvine
July 1, 2016