As governments confront many challenges that are global in scale, leaders find they must cooperate in responding to financial, climate, terrorism and other crises. As a result, a global audience has developed keen interest in how and why nations select their leaders. On one hand, citizens expect sensible and collective action, transparency and fair representation; on the other hand, citizens and leaders fret about compromising security, sovereignty or loss of control. Diplomats and global organizations like the United Nations aim to achieve a balance, even as global communications allow citizens in democracies or authoritarian states to steer attention to issues. Attention to citizen demands and multilateral cooperation contribute to stability.

Hit by Spanish Withdrawal Syndrome

Spain's pull-out of Iraq raises fear of further erosion in trans-Atlantic relations
Shada Islam
April 21, 2004

How Far East Can Europe Go?

Turkey wants to join the EU, but some say Europe ends where Islam begins
Shada Islam
May 3, 2004

Looking over the Horizon

The Head of the US National Intelligence Council Assesses America's Strategic Challenges
Robert L. Hutchings
March 22, 2004

Ending the Divide

Spain's election result draws Europe closer together on Iraq, war on terror
Shada Islam
March 19, 2004

Taiwan's Challenge to China and the World - Part II

A ‘Greater Chinese Union' offers best political solution
Linda Jakobson
March 15, 2004

Clearing Clouds Over the Karakoram Pass

Sino-Pakistani cooperation in fighting terrorism improves relations, but other challenges may arise
Ziad Haider
March 29, 2004


Tunisia Protests Serve Warning to Autocratic Middle Eastern Regimes

Fury about unemployment and corruption grows in Tunisia and other nations
Kristen Chick
January 14, 2011

Running the World, After the Crash

International cooperation is stalled
Richard Samans, Klaus Schwab, Mark Malloch-Brown
January 13, 2011

Pentagon Must “Buy American,” Barring Chinese Solar Panels

To boost solar-panel sales, US and Europe subsidize buyers while China subsidizes manufacturers
Keith Bradsher
January 11, 2011

Sudan Vote May Shift Control of Oil Pumped by China’s CNPC

If Sudan splits into two, both sides pledge agreement on sharing oil revenue
Matt Richmond, Maram Mazen
January 10, 2011

Egypt's Muslims Attend Coptic Christmas Mass, Serving as "Human Shields"

Egyptian Muslims reject extremism and guard Christian services
Yasmine El-Rashidi
January 10, 2011